The Institute implements a learning methodology, which combines both theoretical and practical input, making it a comprehensive learning experience, providing its learners with a professional grasp of all the issues relating to their chosen field of study.
The carefully designed courses will be supervised by expert lecturers and leading professionals of their respective fields and will include practical assignments and projects as well as short periods of internships in respective fields. Courses will ensure that the learners will achieve the following:

  • An understanding of the industry: the hospitality service industry is a multifaceted and ever evolving industry that requires a unique understanding and perspective.
  • An understanding of business and how it applies to the industry: the application of sound business principles is vital to success in the industry.
  • An understanding and proper application of their specialist field in the industry: learners will gain a complete understanding of their specific responsibilities in their chosen field.
  • An understanding of business communication and calculation and how to apply them: in an increasingly complex business environment, communication and calculation now requires a specialist capacity.
  • Ability to manage people assets: in virtually every commercial enterprise, especially in service related areas, people are the most valuable asset, requiring specialised management.
  • An ability to manage business assets: the responsibility of managing business assets requires an understanding of the value and functionality of such assets.
  • An understanding of the relevant laws and the implications and applications of them: astute management requires a day-to-day understanding of all laws relevant to the running of a business to avoid foreseeable pitfalls and to ensure fairness and responsibility in business practices.
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