Head Of Department

Roxanne Newman

The Hotel Management program educates students in all the academic and practical disciplines needed to succeed in the International Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The course is developed and classes presented to embrace the Three Pillars Approach to teaching – Professional Development, Practical Skills and Theoretical Knowledge. After completion of the program you will have been provided with advanced knowledge and competencies which will enable you to be successful in the business world on management level.

Students will also learn from the inside about the high complex and specialised world of hospitality but will receive cutting edge creative, people and management skills combined with traditional know-how that is essential for a hospitality management career. Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of their highly internationalized and multicultural training program and schedule. Students will attend lectures, seminars and tutorials but will at the same time be exposed to rigorous teamwork and sessions to develop learning discipline, leadership and ethics. On a daily basis they will gain hands-on experience in every role across the sectors in the Hotel Industry and will receive feedback daily on their performance.

We educate the next generation of Hospitality leaders in the worlds largest and most dynamic industry! Students will graduate into an elite group of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

Students need to pass internal subjects that are presented to further equip them with all the necessary skills required by this highly professional and service orientated industry:

  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Reception Operations & Service
  • Accomodation Operations & Service
  • Financial Costing and Accounting
  • Hotel Law
  • Marketing and Tourism
  • Management
The program contains of a fixed curriculum of required courses. Students alternate course work with practical situations in which they have the opportunity to apply and test what they have learned. Course instruction emphasizes operational and strategic management tools required for International hotel management. The objective of the Industry placement is to provide students with the relevant practical job skills, to enhance their understanding of current work practices and steer them into the industry with a professional attitude and highly effective behavioural characteristics.

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